I am a tarot reader. I began practicing the craft in 2015 and have since trained myself in the art of interpreting the cards for myself and others. I have offered numerous readings over the years and am consistently amazed at what the cards offer to those seeking guidance from them. My readings are compassionate, trauma-informed, and grounded in a liberatory framework that takes social systems and identities into account.

The tarot is a medium for creating and understanding the meaning of our lives. Rather than future or fortune-telling, my tarot readings are akin to a mirror: they reflect what is already present in one’s life through the images and symbols of the cards. Because images and symbols are the languages of our subconscious mind, tarot readings help us receive knowledge that our conscious self struggles to access on its own. Through a combination of intuition and intellect, my readings help the seeker develop a deeper understanding of their current situation and assist them in moving forward from a more authentic and informed place.

I offer 90-minute tarot readings over Zoom for $100. Each reading is personalized to the client to create a unique, in-depth, and transformative experience.

Readings include:

  • an explanation of the tarot and my approach to it in order to set the foundation for the reading
  • an in-depth, intuitive reading that is informed by trauma-sensitive and liberatory frameworks
  • an explanation of how your spread relates to the narrative arc of the entire deck to contextualize where you’re at right now
  • an opportunity to begin integrating the wisdom gained from the reading
  • invitations for you to share how the reading is landing for you all throughout the process
  • Q&A

I am currently in the process of revamping my tarot offerings and am not accepting additional readings at this time. Please feel free to check in again later or follow me on Instagram for news of when I’ll be offering readings again!


“I have never had a tarot reading as therapeutic as my reading with Gabriela! Her unique method is refreshing, enlivening, and healing. She empowered me to see a new perspective in life by making connections with the cards in a positive and supportive way.” – Maureen

“Gabriela is deeply knowledgeable in both an academic and intuitive understanding of the cards. Her comprehensive approach held my story and my needs very front and center, while still grounding our reading in history and tradition, all with a good dollop of her own fiery intuition. Our reading came at a crossroads in my life, and Gabriela’s empathy and understanding helped me find my way.” – Avery

“I had a session with Gabriela at the cusp of a beautiful new phase in my life. The insights we discovered during that reading are still with me and continue to illuminate my path as I grow and change. Gabriela’s presence is powerful and gentle — I felt seen, heard, and wisely cared-for, and I deeply appreciate her approach, which is both grounded and open-minded.” – Sarah

“It is clear that Gabriela’s tarot readings are a heartful offering born out of a killer combination: her abundant knowledge of tarot tradition and keen intuition. Her reading was a gift that found reverberations in my life long after the conclusion of our session. Its potency was surely derived from the way Gabriela invited me to stand in my own agency, continually looping the thread of her interpretations back to my inquiry and its context. The reading was nothing short of a thoughtful collaboration between Gabriela, myself, and the cards and was an experience I will not soon forget! I can unequivocally recommend Gabriela to anyone who is seeking incisive, compassionate, and nuanced tarot work.” – Ava

“As someone unfamiliar with tarot, I didn’t know what to expect when Gabriela read my cards for the first time. I needn’t have worried—she not only explained the significance of each suit of the tarot deck and the basic layouts, but also provided a deeply compassionate and insightful reading. I not only felt more grounded and in tune with my sense of desire, purpose, and strength after the reading, but better able to see how I might incorporate greater balance in my day-to-day life. For those looking to empower themselves intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, I can’t recommend Gabriela’s readings highly enough.” – Marie