Interested in receiving a tarot reading from me? Scroll to the bottom of the page for information on how to set that up, but I encourage you to read the below explanation of my tarot practice before doing so.

I am a tarot reader. I began practicing the craft in 2015 and have since trained myself in the art of interpreting the cards for myself and others. I have offered numerous readings to friends, family, and acquaintances, and every single reading has been met with gratitude and amazement at what the cards taught the querent (that is, the person seeking guidance from the cards). My readings are compassionate, trauma-informed, and grounded in a liberatory framework that takes social systems and identities into account. My goal in offering tarot readings is to help you better understand what you can do to feel more whole.

The tarot is a medium for creating and understanding the meaning of our lives. More than future or fortune-telling, tarot consultations are akin to a mirror: they reflect what is already present in one’s life through images and symbols. These are the languages of our subconscious mind, helping us receive the knowledge that our conscious self cannot access on its own. Tarot can sneak past the gateways of logic and connect us with insights buried deep within us. Tarot practice isn’t an abandonment of rationality, though. Through the combination of our intuition and intellect, we can use the tarot to develop deeper understandings of situations and learn how to move forward from a more grounded place. Some pieces of information the cards present during a consultation may be uncomfortable and challenging to receive, while others may be enjoyable to hear. Whatever the case, the cards are ultimately trying to bring about the highest good in a situation and seek to guide you towards that outcome.

The tarot is meant to help us get in touch with the wisdom already present within us. My job as a tarot reader is not to present you with inaccessible, privileged information; rather, my job is to guide you towards a deeper knowing which you already possess but are having trouble accessing, and to help you tap into your inherent capacity for positive transformation.

I offer tarot readings via multiple mediums, including in-person gatherings, Zoom, and email. I charge an affordable, sliding-scale, and income-based fee to help make this offering accessible to all, starting at $20/reading for the unemployed or underemployed (but even that’s negotiable if it’s too much for you). Once we are in touch, we will set up a time for the reading, figure out payment details, and I will send you an information packet to help you better understand my approach in preparation for the reading. 

If you are interested in my offering you a tarot reading, please reach out through the contact page so I can send you more information about my practice, availability, and pricing.

I look forward to delving into the wisdom of the cards with you!