In 2015, I was part of a radical feminist collective that was centered on helping women lean into their power and sovereignty. One of the first exercises we did was to decorate images of cunts from the famous Cunt Coloring Book. The notion of reclaiming the word “cunt” was fascinating to me, but the process of artistically engaging with the cunt wasn’t appealing at first. Yet I intuitively created an image that mirrored depictions of the Virgin Mary, unconsciously honoring my body as a sacred vessel of the divine. This simple exercise ended up being a deeply healing and revolutionary act for me. Never had I considered my body as something worthy of reverence before that moment, let alone my cunt, which is so heavily policed and stigmatized by misogynist and patriarchal systems. But since that exercise, I have been on a path of honoring this part of me and offering it reverence, including through artistic mediums. Below you will find some of my works surrounding this theme, including that first piece I made in 2015.