Welcome to CONSULTING WITH MUSES, a website populated with written pieces on a variety of themes in no particular order.

While working on a writing project, a mentor once told me, “consult with your muses and then work your magic.” His guidance beautifully encapsulated what I believe the writing process is: a union between personal power and a deeper well of knowledge that extends beyond oneself. The name of this website arises from his words.

Writing is a practice through which I come to better understand my internal landscape and the external realm in which I live. My pieces are thus deeply personal, political, and spiritual. They serve as windows and mirrors; openings into new worlds and reflections of present circumstances. My wish is for my words to be aligned with the wills of my muses. I hope you are nourished and stretched towards new places by virtue of your time here.

– Gabriela De Golia

Index of topics I’ve written about: apocalypses, boredom, freedom, grace, hope, queerness, queerness and mindfulness, resonance, rest, suffering.